READY FOR A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE? Expand your horizons and let CSU find a BOARDING SCHOOL for you!


Boarding schools are located throughout the United States. These private schools offer students nurturing environments with reduced number of students per classroom, and personalized dedication to the students’ academic needs. You can attend a religious or non-denominational school, a single gender school or co-educational. We represent schools located in all climates, schools rich in the Arts, Sciences (including STEM), Mathematics, Foreign Languages, ESL (English as a Second Language) plus much more. Boarding schools offer a variety of sports such as soccer, football, basketball, swimming, golf, tennis, volleyball or skiing and extracurricular activities are plentiful including school band, choir, language clubs, chess, computers, dance or theater. In addition, the weekends are filled with supervised activities both on and off the campus. Boarding schools accommodate their student population with dormitories located on the school’s campus. These schools focus on motivating, supporting and maintaining a positive atmosphere for the complete development of the student.

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