ENHANCE YOUR ACADEMIC STANDARD. Get a jump start on your collegiate coursework, improve your transcripts and your English level. CSU has set the standard for PG programs to empower students to become lifelong GLOBAL change makers.


PRE UNIVERSITY / PG-GAP YEAR PROGRAM Come join the growing number of students and enjoy a Pre-University/GAP year. Boarding schools throughout the U.S. welcomes students who have graduated from their High Schools and are seeking a 1 year experience. The benefits are numerous. For students who are considering attending a University or College, this GAP year will be filled with college preparatory classes including college writing, reading and organizational building skills. Students will have the opportunity of one-on-one college advisement, college application assistance and access to college admittance exams (SAT or ACT). Enjoy living in dormitories on the grounds of a boarding school and taking advantage of all the school has to offer including small class sizes, a diverse variety of academic classes, athletic team opportunities and weekend activities both on and off campus. By the time you advance into college you will be ready for your next level in your academic experience.


Preparation for College Life: The boarding school environment is like a preview of college life, but with more structure and guidance. This helps students adjust to dorm life, but with more structure and guidance.This helps students adjust to dorm life, improving their english skills and developing a strong balance of school, activities, sport, and social life.

College admissions officers recognize that the PG year offers many benefits to a student and will ultimately make him not only a better candidate for admission​ but a better student once he is on campus. Every year, PG graduates are accepted at schools ranging from Ivy League universities to supportive liberal arts schools and everything in between.

The post-graduate  year is a great opportunity for students to build their skills, improve their academic portfolio, and prepare for college. The Schools offer a robust academic experience designed to transition students from traditional high school to a college curriculum
  • Students age 17/18/19 and a High School graduate with an ambition to pursue a University degree
  • Students who need an additional year of challenging university-preparatory work in order to obtain admission at a more selective University
  • Postgraduate students, like all other students, will have a roommate. They will most likely live with another PG or a rising 12th-grade student.
  • Class selection depends on several factors, including previous coursework, placement exams, academic interests, transcripts, etc
  • Acceptance and enrollment in a  boarding school
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • CSU Coordinator supervision
  • Counseling from the CSU Office
  • Arrival orientation and Student Handbook
  • Monthly student progress reports
  • Medical insurance
  • Local airport arrival and departure transportation supervision
  • 24-Hour emergency line

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