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Come Study USA Enterprises was developed as a result of the vision of two women utilizing their expertise to assist international students with placement in secondary schools and summer programs in the United States.


Carrie Zuckerman

Carrie Zuckerman, from New York USA, has her master’s degree in elementary education. Carrie also is a member of the Board of Trustees of an independent school on Long Island, New York. She currently has a 10th grader in a secondary school in Connecticut and a junior at Marist College.


Susana Benito

Susana Benito, from Alicante Spain, has specialized in the placement of international students since 2004 in summer camp programs and secondary schools promoting full immersion in American culture and language. Owner and operator of Hiper Fairs, Susana is also well versed in securing the necessary documentation for her clients including visas, transcript evaluation and interpretation and TOEFL preparation. She currently has an 12th grader in a secondary school in New York and a junior at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Susana and Carrie bring their in-depth experience with independent schools and summer programs throughout America to their clients assisting them through the various stages of the application process. Their dedication to research in finding the right school for each of their students is their top priority.


USA is truly a land of opportunities. Choose any of our offers and you will find a great avenue to academic, social and cultural growth.

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