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CSU / SIS SCHOLARSHIPS offer amateur student-athletes from any country the possibility of obtaining scholarships to U.S. universities or colleges. In this one-week program, athletes will compete in their sport at an all-inclusive resort in Orlando, Florida and will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills while being observed by more than 50 coaches and athletic directors from universities and colleges throughout the U.S.  This one-week program will give the athletes an opportunity for these coaches to recognize their skills and be offered a scholarship to join their university or college teams or your money will be refunded. CSU/ SIS SCHOLARSHIPS provides the opportunity for all students with a sport talent to realize their dream and obtain scholarships GUARANTEED to study and compete in the U.S.

PRICE $ 3,700 


  • TRANSFERS included (From-To Cancún International Airport)
  • BOARD at the Hotel
  • ACADEMIC AND SPORT  Activities of our Showcase
  • MEALS All drinks and meals are included (Without Alcohol)
  • WI-FI Free Wi-Fi
  • UNIFORMS Sports uniforms for competition
  • INSURANCE Medical Insurance
  • SCHOLARSHIP Guaranteed Scholarship Report
  • SUPERVISION Supervision by American Coaches
  • ACCESS to our LIVE transmission of the event
  • Photography and Video material
  • SUPPORT All the support and advice of our STAFF


  • AGE  Be between 16 and 26 years old. High school students, university students (courses can be transferred) or graduates interested in: improving their level of English and / or starting or continuing a university career in the USA.
  • SPORTS Be an amateur athlete in soccer, basketball, golf and tennis
  • ADMISSION FORM  to enter the Program, it is required to present the admission form and the signed registration agreement
  • LIMITED QUOTAS The quotas to participate are limited by sports and by countries. Only 120 participants will be invited to join the program.



The program maintains a 100% effectiveness in obtaining scholarships

CSU/ SIS Scholarships offers students an all-inclusive program: campus residency, meals plans and studies programs, which helps to provide participants a wonderful experience in the United States.

As an international student abroad, you’ll be pushed academically, professionally, and personally to gain the skills you need to succeed in any global economy.  When you graduate, not only will your degree from your U.S. University or College ensure you an expanded network of job opportunities, but you will also graduate with strong communication skills and adaptability maximizing your professional options.

More than 150 Universities participate in our Program

International students can work within their selected campus and may have opportunities to earn up to $700.00 per month.  This is a wonderful way to earn money and gain experience in the workplace. Upon graduation, students can qualify for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) Visa which is an extension to any student to work legally for 1 year in their field of study


The CSU/SIS Team will inform you via email about the Showcase Program, and the first step will be to fill out the admission application form which will be sent to you. We want to know more about your goals to Study in the USA at a University.

The CSU/SIS Team will determine with you and your family what your objectives are and we will do a preliminary evaluation of all your possibilities according to your academic and athletic profile. Together, we will determine what the best options are for you by understanding your skills and matching them with American Universities. At these schools you will find a great variety of degrees, academic scholarships, admission requirements and geographical destinations. Let´s work with each other to define your best options.

If the interview has been positive, CONGRATULATIONS you are elegible to our Program and we will send you the contract in which all our services, guarantees and payment plan are detailed. In this step you will sign the contract and make the first payment for your registration and create an online academic profile which we will distribute to our network of participating Universities.

We will advise you throughout the process of the necessary documentation for the admission application for the Universities that work with us. We will track your application until you receive your admission information along  with your scholarship offer from the University of your choice.

We will be sending you a personalized report with the scholarship offers. These offers are made by the Universities after having received your academic profile, based on their athletic needs and criteria. Remember that the Universities are the ones that extend the offer to our participants and you decide which is the best option for you

CONGRATULATIONS! You have been admitted into the UNIVERSITY. We will send you the I-20 certificate ( for International students) so you can process your F-1 VISA at the American Embassy.

CSU/SIS Team wishes you great success in your next STEP and we will be looking forward to hearing about your sports accomplishments!


  • Minimum offer of 5 Scholarships insured by contract.
  • Scholarship offers will be extended between 50% and 100% off Tuition, Boarding, Meal Plans and Sports. Scholarships are based on sports and academic performances.
  • Direct and indirect observations by recruiters of more than 100 American University Coaches.
  • Personal interviews with recruiters.
  • Orientation information of the potential Universities.
  • Management and advice throughout the process.
  • Development of the student´s academic profile.
  • 1 Week at University of Central Florida´s facilities.

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