SUCCESS STORIES. Hear from CSU students who achieved their dreams by coming to the USA.


“My life has completely changed since my experiences in the US. From being an exchange student for a year in high school to going to college full-time, I have not only learned English but, most importantly, I have learned about myself. It’s the things that take you out of your comfort zone that help you grow. Although I must say that I have had a great help in the agency STUDY USA. Susana and her team have been supporting me through all these years in anything I needed. From plane flights to visas, they have been taking care of it so I could just focus in enjoying my time in the U.S.”



Madrid, Spain

“When I graduated High School in Spain, I knew I wanted to come to the US and attend a University.  I realized that I needed to work on my English language skills some more if I was to be successful on the college level.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed.  I had several options in the US but I needed advice on what was right for me.  Should I go straight into a University?  Should I attend a program for a semester that works only on language to sharpen my skills?  Should I go to a boarding school for a Post-Graduate (PG) year?  Susana and Carrie at Come Study explained all the various options, and in the end I came to the Marvelwood School in Connecticut, USA for a PG year.  The Come Study team made the entire process simple.  Living in the US has been an amazing experience.  My language skills have greatly improved and I feel ready to apply to a University. ”


Alicante, Spain

“At the beginning of my first year I was a bit scared about the new school in a foreign country but my school welcomed me like they do with anyone no matter where they come from. People were extremely nice and eager to know about you and befriend you.”



“When my brother came to the US for his High School years I knew I wanted to come too. Being younger than him, I had to wait until my parents felt I was ready for an overseas experience. I have been at my school in New York for the past 3 years, and as I prepare to move on to University in the US, I find myself reflecting upon how much I’ve grown learned, and experiences since arriving here. Coming to the US, thanks to Carrie and Susana has allowed me to perfect my English language in all fields, develop an impressive resume, and make friends and experiences that I will never forget. It has by far been the most rewarding and effective decision I have been so lucky to make, and I am forever thankful of choosing Come Study USA. ”



“I am so happy with the decision I made to come to the U.S. with for my last two years of High School. The boarding school I attended successfully prepared me to attend college in the U.S. and I met friends there that I will know for my lifetime. I am proud to now be a student at Parsons School of Art and Design in Manhattan! Coming to study abroad was the best decision I made!”

Paola Ji Chen

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